Sandy is heading our way!  Hurricane Sandy is a storm that is currently passing through the Caribbean and will soon be heading up the Northeastern United States coastline.  Whether it goes inland or not, Central Pennsylvania will be getting lots of rain on Wednesday.   So I hope you can make plans this weekend to stay at home and do some preparation!

Check all the rain gutters and downspouts.  Make sure they are free of leaves and obstructions so water can quickly pass through, down and out of the system.  Downspouts should extend out from your house and deposit water at least three feet away in a spot that will drain away from your house.  If not, go to the hardware store for plastic extenders that can easily be installed by sliding over the downspout.

Is the ground around your house sloped away from the structure?  It might be too late to hire a backhoe and bulldozer, but make sure that any debris that might obstruct water flow is away from the house.

If your neighborhood or municipality has drains, make sure they are free from obstruction.  Remove any leaves, grass or other debris that could clog the drain or the underground piping.

The best way to keep rainwater out of your house is to keep it flowing away from your house.  Doing this work now will have the added benefit of partially preparing your house for winter!

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