Another alarming headline about insurance companies has hit the news.  This time the claim is that wealthy people get lower insurance rates than poor people.  It is sure to get people talking.

The study shows that there is a serious misunderstanding of auto insurance among the study authors and those reporting on it.  This general misunderstanding is being spread to the public which can cause people to make insurance decisions that will affect them negatively in the long run.

You may not like the way that insurance companies rate premiums.  Don’t ignore the issue, confront it head on to make it work as good as possible for you in the long run.  Learn what factors make an insurance premium increase.  Take some time to talk to an independent insurance agent about your insurance needs.  They can access several different insurance companies and compare rates and coverage with you.  And because independent agents are not beholden to any one particular company, they can give an honest assessment of your insurance needs.

The interpretation of this study fails to account for 1) the fact that someone was driving without insurance, 2) the fact that different companies have different niches where they are most competitive and 3) getting rates for fictitious people will automatically get higher rates.

Insurance companies spend lots of time and money sifting through huge amounts of data trying to figure out who will have the most accidents and the largest claims.  Because companies cannot legally take each person on a case-by-case basis to make an evaluation of the individual and their character, they will slice and dice the data and demographics as much as possible to figure out what people are having claims and how big are those claims.

Every auto insurance company operating in the state of PA will take all of this data, and based on past experience use it to guess the future.  Make an appointment today so we can spend some time figuring out the best way to approach your insurance situation.  Understanding your coverage will save money.

Really?  This sounds like someone forgot what they learned in second grade science class but it really is true.  Keeping the roof cold can prevent ice dams from forming at the edge of the roof.

To make this clearer, let’s look at how ice dams form.  When snow is on your house roof, a warm roof will melt the snow.  The melted snow runs down the roof, hits the cold roof above the eaves and freezes.  Ice builds up into a dam, water keeps collecting behind this dam and is pushed back and up under the shingles.  The water seeps into the house, damaging wood and insulation and causes mold and mildew.  What a mess!

The solution is insulation that keeps the house warmth in the house and away from the roof.  You also need ventilation moving cold air from the eaves to the peak of the roof.  Check here for more information.  If your house has ice dams, call some home remodelers for quotes on fixing the problem.  The solution for ice dams can also keep your house warmer this winter.